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How to Tell if it’s Time to Have My Trees Trimmed?

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One cannot argue that taking good care of your trees is a good ting to do. When you have your trees trimmed regularly, you prevent the spread of diseases and fungus, resulting in healthier branches and verdant leaves.

Removing excess branches and leaves especially those showing signs of decay is also a safety measure and must be done regularly to avoid accidents.

If that’s not enough, well maintained trees and a landscaped lawn enhance the value of your Lake Forest, CA property.

Sure you can always cut small twigs here and there using your own tools but whether you wanted light trimming or pruning, it is always better to seek help from the tree care experts.

There is a different pruning time for every tree, depending on its size and species. With that in mind it is advisable to get help from tree trimming specialists in Lake Forest, California since they have the knowledge gained from years of experience. Apart from that, there are certain situations when you need to prune your trees no matter what kind they are.

You know you need to call a tree trimming company in Lake Forest, Ca when you’ve answered yes to the questions below:

tree pruning lake forest ca1. Have your tree branches gone close to power lines or block road views?

Trees can potentially damage power lines and disrupt the power supply to your house. To avoid these kinds of risks, keep your trees at a safe distance from power lines.

Trees that obstruct visibility near streets and intersections are absolutely bothersome because they can cause accidents to pedestrians and motorists. For that reason you want to call somebody to trim them asap.

2. Are branches touching your roof or any part of you or your neighbor’s home?

Imagine getting into an argument with your neighbor just because of your poorly maintained trees? Isn’t worth it, is it?

Go ahead and be that neighbor everybody loves; remove tree branches and twigs that extend to their property and make it a habit to initiate or help in cleaning up stray leaves especially when you know they’re coming from your trees.

Trees and tree brunches should not be allowed near your or your neighbor’s house. Branches can scrape against your roof and strip off layers of asphalt. Leaves that fall directly onto your roof can lead to mold, and in the worst case, a deteriorating branch or twig can fall directly onto your roof.

3. Are you seeing dead or loosely hanging branches that might cause an accident anytime?

Again another safety concern; you wouldn’t want these hanging tree branches around especially if you have active kids or pets at home. Did you know that there are studies about this and experts claim an average of 100 people get killed by trees every year in the USA?

4. Has it been more than three years since you last got your trees trimmed?

As a general rule and even if your trees don’t present obvious safety threats, trees should be trimmed at least every 3 years.

5. Do your trees look unkempt, out of shape, or unappealing?

Apart from the important safety issues, who wouldn’t want a looker of a lawn? A beautiful, well dressed porch and lawn are a symbol of the American dream and even more so in Lake Forest, Ca.

How to Find a Good Company in Lake Forest, California to Have Your Trees Trimmed?

With so many aspiring entrepreneurs trying to take advantage of the demand for tree care services in Lake Forest, California, it is not hard to find a deal and sadly more often than not you get what you pay for.

As the number of tree trimming companies increase, the quality of service decreases. Hence it is very important to choose your tree trimming company in Lake Forest, California carefully.

Here are six questions to ask to your potential tree care provider:

  1. Do you have a business insurance?
  2. Can I have a list of past and returning clients that I can call for reference?
  3. Are you a member of any trade association?
  4. Can you provide written estimates in detail?
  5. Are you responsible for any damages you might incur to my or my neighbor’s home when you do the trimming?
  6. Can you provide and commit to a timeframe for completing the project?

If they’ve answered yes to most of the above, you are most likely dealing with a reliable tree trimming company in Lake Forest, Ca.

Here’s Why You Should Consider the Lake Forest Tree Service Pros for Your Next Tree Trimming Job?

A reliable tree service provider in Lake Forest would be more than happy to answers your burning questions and guide you through their process! We at Lake Forest Tree Services Pro are ready to take your call anytime.

Lake Forest Tree Service Pros’ goal is to do outstanding job every single time. 

We are a family tree service business that was found in Lake Forest, Californian almost three decades ago. During that time we have earned a reputation of a tree service company that offers good tree trimming and tree pruning services.

When you decide to call us for an initial consultation, we will discuss your situation and come up with a few suggestion as to how to accomplish your end goal. Yes, we do tree trimming and tree pruning but these are just two of the service that we offer. So, don’t hesitate to call us. We will work with you on creating a custom plan for your trees.

Tree Trimming Cost in Lake Forest, California

Over the phone, we can provide a free initial estimate based on the details you would give us. If you are satisfied, we can come over to your site for for a free detailed estimate.

During the on-site visit we will also identify and study your trees, determine what needs to be done (trimming, pruning etc), and help you visualize and map out the workflow so you can inform family members and prepare ahead.

And last but not least we will guarantee our job. Our guarantee is quite simple – we don’t get paid until you’re 100% happy with our job, so you have noting to loose. So, go ahead and get in touch with us.

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